Monday, March 8, 2010

Information =]

This is 3T Taj,Taryll,and T.J T.J is the one at the right Taryll left and Taj in the middle=] HOW CUTE!!!!!=]
3T story!!!

<--I found this on the web and it said this way Taryll Jackson my idol..Hmmm...Something isnt right!haha!This looks more like Taj or T.A.J Jackson.Who ever this is, is truly adorable!!!I strongly believe this is Taj Jackson well this baby looks like Tito.Taryll looks like his mom Delores "Dee Dee" Jackson.Can you figure it out?=] FYI Dee Dee looks very pretty in this picture!Taj or Taryll must be a week or a few weeks old..She looks BEAUTIFUL!!!God bless!!! The picture on the right is obviously Taj when he was probably 2 years of age!They are 2 years apart of course and may i say Tito looks like he is have a lot of fun with his beautiful children=] When Taryll turns 3 they will welcome a new baby named Tito Joe Jackson a.k.a T.J!!They were always called 3T because when their mom would call them individually she would get a tongue twister so for short she would say "Come here 3T".I think that is just adorable..=] Ugh it is very frustrating I cant find a baby picture of T.J!I guess you can say I am a 3T addict but who wouldn't be I just L>O>V>E them they are sooooooooo cute.I Love Taryll!!!Since I cannot find baby pictures of T.J well then I cant post it!!TEAR TEAR...=( but that doesn't mean I cant post Sexy pictures of 3T!!!They are great people!!I am amazed on what they accomplished today!=] Today both T.J,and Taryll have children!!!T.J has a 10 year old son named Royalty Jackson and Taryll has a son named Bryce Jackson!!!Even though Taj may not have children that doesn't mean he isn't just as great!!!

-Jayla Ann Velazquez